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How Are We Different?

Our Clinic Director is Toronto’s first Certified Decompression Therapy Practitioner. The first doctor in Canada to do so, he completed post graduate training in Spinal Decompression therapy in October 2007. This training enables the doctor to determine what position, force, pull pattern, and traction angle will best benefit the patient. More importantly, the training allows our doctor to determine if a patient even needs decompression therapy or would benefit from a different form of treatment. There is no “magic” in the machine. It’s the knowledge and skill of the doctor using the equipment that gets superior results.


Want to end your chronic low back or neck pain for good?
"Thousands of pain sufferers throughout Ontario have already ended their chronic back and leg pain permanently -- without drugs or surgery"
Are you next?
If you've been suffering from chronic pain in your lower back and leg pain you know
how frustrating it can be to get the help you need to end your pain and suffering.
But there's good news! We can probably help...
You see, most patients we see at the Spinal Relief Centre of Canadahave already seen several doctors and specialists, tried bed rest, a variety of strong drugs, chiropractic, physical threapy and many, sad to say, surgery. They come to us because they're still in pain... Many are close to losing hope because even after all the consultations, tests and treatments they've been through, they still don't feel like they used to -- and nobody and nothing seems to be able to really help.

If this describes you, a friend, or a loved one, we are here to tell you that you can get better. You can leave the burning, stabbing, and constant pain behind. And after a few short weeks, you can begin to get on with the rest of your life.
There's nothing like the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada anywhere else.

The Spinal Relief Centre of Canada is unlike any other doctor’s office or clinic in Canada. We’re amulti-disciplinary practicewhere patient teams all work closely together to chart a course of real, permanent pain relief.

We approach each patient as an individual with respect and dignity. With over 60,000 patient visits behind us, our Doctor and trained therapists understand what is necessary to get you out of pain and to start getting your life back.

In addition, we've coupled this team approach with the most efficacious and truly revolutionary technical aids available. These aids, specificallyVAX-D Genesis,Class IV High Power Laser Therapyand,ATM 2allow our team members to precisely deal with almost everylow back, neck and leg problemmore effectively, more quickly and more safely than ever before.


"As first soloist for the
National Ballet of Canada a
herniated disc kept me
from work…..after only
10 sessions, dramatic improvement"
Patrick L, Etobicoke

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