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A Better Back in One Week!
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Accelerated Back Relief
"This breakthrough treatment program is the result of many years of clinical outcomes and more than 60,000 patient visits. We have combined very sophisticated spinal decompression techniques, advanced neuro-muscular retraining and the most potent therapeutic laser available in a unique manner. This enables us to deliver maximum benefit in the least amount of time."
What is taking other clinics 4-6 weeks, we are able to do in as little as one!

Debbie found relief after only 5 days of treatment!
Here's what "Accelerated Back Relief" patient's have to say...

"...I am now back to enjoying an active lifestyle" "After injuring myself 15 years ago bungee jumping, I have suffered terribly with back pain. I've tried every treatment to no avail. Was on and off medication and at one time had even become addicted to painkillers. Every day the pain was a minimum 7 out of 10. There were days getting out of bed was an issue, let alone going to work. I couldn't sit on the floor and play with my children at times. I was frustrated. The pain was affecting my relationship with husband, family and friends. After seeing an ad on TV, I called to arrange a consultation in Toronto. The Dr. suggested a series of treatments to take place over five days. I made the necessary arrangements to stay at a hotel close to the clinic. After four and a half days I completed my care and am 100% pain free. I cannot thank the Spinal relief team enough for everything they have done. I have my life back."

Debbie K, Belleville

There's nothing like the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada anywhere else.

The Spinal Relief Centre of Canada is unlike any other doctor’s office or clinic in Canada. We’re a multi-disciplinary practice where patient teams all work closely together to chart a course of real, permanent pain relief.

We approach each patient as an individual with respect and dignity. With over 60,000 patient visits behind us, our Doctor and trained therapists understand what is necessary to get you out of pain and to start getting your life back.

In addition, we've coupled this team approach with the most efficacious and truly revolutionary technical aids available. These aids, specifically VAX-D Genesis, Class IV High Power Laser Therapy and, ATM 2 allow our team members to precisely deal with almost every low back, neck and leg problem more effectively, more quickly and more safely than ever before.


"I was living with sciatic
pain for two years...
I did the Accelerated Back Relief for
a week, which was two treatments
a day. I now have no more pain
in my leg. I feel 100% better
Jim D - Fergus, Ontario

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