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A Better Back in One Week!
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Effective Back Treatment

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Immediate Pain Relief
Simultaneously reposition and compress particular body areas, which will immediately normalize almost any painful, movement impairment with most musculoskeletal patients.
Pain-Free Exercise
While in the stabilized and compressed holding, the ATM2 provides a way to perform Totally Pain- Free exercises in the direction of pain the previous but now totally pain-free. This is vital to restoring normal function.
Performance Enhancement
Achieve immediate increase in range of motion, flexibility and strength by causing the CNS to fully optimize muscle activation patterns. This is beneficial for ATM2 stretching techniques and functional strength training. Specific protocols are available for various sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, track and field and so on.
Vertical Treatment Table
As a standing treatment table, the ATM2 provides new alternatives for stabilization, muscle energy and neuromuscular re-education. Patients respond quicker and more consistently when treated in an upright, weight bearing and functional position. The ATM2 is ideal for specific needs of stabilization and isolation for resistance training at the cervical and shoulder regions and certainly as movement pain may relate to positions at the pelvis and hip flexor stretching.

"I was very frustrated, depressed
and heading for surgery...after a
series of treatments over 5 days,
the results were dramatic, I got
my life back"
Marta S, Oakville

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