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But I want the table
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  I was in a wheelchair only a few weeks ago. I’ve lived with back pain for the last thirty years, and each year it seemed to get worse. My back pain had become so intense over the past six months, that just standing to take a shower or sitting at the computer caused excruciating pain! I considered having surgery, but I put it off because I had friends who were still in pain after having back surgery.

While visiting my son, my wife saw an article in the local paper for a new type of lower back pain treatment called VAX-D. Curious and desperate for a solution, we called about it, and I went in for a consultation. I made sure to do some Internet research on VAX-D myself. I completed the entire VAX-D treatment program, and I’ll be honest with you, I’m so glad I did!

I could feel an improvement after the very first treatment. It decompressed the discs which took off the pressure that was causing the pain. Now I can walk and get up in the morning pain free. The other day I was even out throwing a baseball with my grandson. I can do the things that make life worth living! It is really amazing! Thank you, VAX-D!

                   — Duane B. —

Doctors are reporting that many patients call their clinic looking for the decompression therapy table “invented by NASA.” Unfortunately, NASA has invented no such device, even though some decompression therapy manufacturers have advertised otherwise. VAX-D is the original, patented decompression therapy system for low back pain. No other device on the market owns the patented logarithmic curve — which is the heart and soul of decompression! So if you want the real deal, BACKED BY CLINICAL STUDIES, trust the original, patented VAX-D.