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Patients Talk About VAX-D

“I sustained a serious injury
to my low back at the L4–L5 level, in a work related accident which put me in bed for two weeks. When I couldn’t get down on the floor to play with our newborn daughter, I knew I had to do something. Fortunately, my physician approached me about VAX-D, and the rest is history. It is not an overstatement to say that VAX-D changed my life. There are literally hundreds of everyday little things that I can now experience pain free including wrestling and playing with my two-year-old daughter! ” - Steve F.

“Due to a ruptured disc, the pain that I was enduring was the most excruciating I have ever known. I could not stand or walk, and there was absolutely no relief! I could not enjoy my family or play with my kids and I was faced with a very successful real estate career coming to an end. I was quickly referred to a neurosurgeon because of loss of reflex in my leg and concerns of permanent nerve damage. ‘No way out but surgery,’ I was told. I resigned myself to the risks if it meant an end to the pain. But at the eleventh hour a nurse friend contacted us, having heard of a wonderful new treatment called VAX-D. I couldn’t possibly have been more skeptical, but considering the alternative, I decided to aggressively do the therapy for two weeks. It worked! I am pain free and back to work. Thank you, Lord, for VAX-D!”  - Robin L.

“I had a recurrence of back and leg pain after undergoing a surgical laminectomy. An MRI indicated that a bulging disc might be the cause of the problem. I was told that unless I underwent a serious program of weight loss and exercise, fusion surgery was my next surgical option. After losing over 30 lbs., I thought I was home free, but some time in August I felt something shift in my back and within 24 hours was barely able to walk. An epidural injection brought no relief. Surgery was scheduled for late November. Then I learned about the VAX-D treatment. After completing 25 treatments, my back has improved dramatically. I am off my medications and am able to play golf again without any problems. VAX-D worked exactly the way that they said it would. I urge you to consider this treatment as an alternative to the more risky and invasive option of surgery.” - Dennis B.

“I remember that before VAX-D, there was PAIN. It was so intense that whenever I sat down, it would radiate to my right leg as well as my knee. My feet would quickly become numb. I tried to avoid anything that involved sitting and could not sleep at night because of the pain I felt. After four or five VAX-D treatments, the numbness in my feet was gone. I noticed relief of pain after nine or ten treatments and by the twentieth, I felt so good that I honestly thought I didn’t need any more. The physician there recommended that I do five additional sessions, and, I have to say, that was the best advice that I had received in a long time. At the end of the last five treatments, my back pain was completely gone!” - Joseph T.

“The neurosurgeon was not optimistic. After two back surgeries (laminectomies), an MRI indicated that a third surgery would be problematic. The surgeon said he would do the surgery, but, with its risk and poor prognosis, he suggested I consider the possibility of just living with the pain of a double herniated L4–L5 disc. It was impossible to sit for more than ten minutes and it became increasingly difficult to stand, walk, or at times even lie down. It was at that point that I considered flying to Washington D.C. for the VAX-D treatment. I would receive, I was told, two treatments a day for nine consecutive days. Frankly, even after watching the video tape provided by the clinic, I was dubious. As it turned out the only ‘ordeal’ of the whole time was the plane trip to Washington. I had my first treatment the afternoon I arrived. After four treatments the pain was substantially reduced. By the end of the 18 treatments the pain was completely gone for several days. When it returned it would be a bare whisper of its former intensity. I was told I would continue to improve after treatment. Again, I was dubious, but I was so relieved to be 95% functional that I really didn’t care. As I write this, some ten weeks after my last treatment, I have marked four weeks free of pain. The numbness is completely gone from my foot and I am functioning better than I was before the whole episode began. My thanks to you and those who designed and applied the VAX-D. It comes as close to an understandable miracle as anything I have experienced.” - Gregory D.

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