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About VAX-D: Is VAX-D Right for Me?

You Are a Candidate
for VAX-D If:

• You have chronic or severe back pain caused by bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and/or facet syndrome.

• You have been diagnosed with a clinically unstable low back.

• You have failed back surgery syndrome.

• You have been told to consider surgery.

You Are Not a Candidate
for VAX-D If:

• You are pregnant.

• You have sustained a recent vertebral fracture.

• You have any retained surgical hardware
(titanium rods or fusion cages).

• You suffer from severe osteoporosis.

• You have any rare conditions such as
certain spinal infections and pelvic or
abdominal cancer.

When Can I Expect Results?
Many patients report a reduction in pain after their first few VAX-D treatment sessions, and happily feel they have had all the treatments they need. This is a wonderful sign that VAX-D is working, but the scientific reality is that the healing process is not finished! Quitting the treatment regimen early usually results in a relapse of symptoms, as well as wasted time and money.


On the other hand, it may take several sessions before patients experience a noticeable remission of symptoms. Why is this? Bulging and herniated discs may need several sessions to fully reposition themselves depending on your physiology. You can be sure that your spine is responding to VAX-D’s vacuum effect, but results are not always immediate. VAX-D has been proven effective at eliminating back pain, if given a chance!

VAX-D Works,
Given the Chance

Many patients have experienced more than a 50% reduction in pain after their first treatment! For those suffering from herniated and degenerated discs, the escaped nucleus pulposus may be partially or completely retracted back into the disc after just the first session (though usually it takes longer), relieving a great deal of pain. However, pain reduction does not indicate full recovery, and a full recovery is essential to preventing reinjury. This may mean completing as many as 20 to 25 treatment sessions. Some patients require even more sessions. This may seem like a lot of treatments, but VAX-D is working with your back as it heals, and that is a process that cannot be rushed. Why is this?

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