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Results: What Can I Expect During Treatment?

Getting Started
At your first visit, your doctor will recommend an X-ray or MRI to pinpoint the specific areas of damage and discomfort. Using this information, your doctor will determine your course of therapy and whether you are a candidate for VAX-D. At the beginning of each session, you will be comfortably fitted with VAX-D’s patented pelvic harness shown in clinical studies to achieve optimal decompression of the lumbar spine. Patients may choose to receive their treatment lying face-down or on their back. Face-down is generally the ideal position, as it allows gravity to assist in the repositioning of herniated disc material.

Keeping Comfort a High Priority
A memory foam pillow provides ultimate comfort and plenty of space for breathing fresh air. A quiet fan in the pillow’s base supplies a gentle breeze, keeping your face cool with plenty of fresh oxygen to breathe.

Face Up or Face Down: It’s Your Choice
Some patients prefer to be treated while lying on their back. This treatment position is usually a choice for individuals with respiratory problems and other health issues that make it uncomfortable to lie face-down for long periods. VAX-D offers versatility for a variety of patient preferences.

The Pressure Is Off!
As a session of decompression therapy commences, you will notice a slow, gentle lengthening in your spine as your discs are gradually decompressed and relieved of pressure. This process is safe and painless. While some patients with extensively injured discs have reported mild discomfort during the first few treatment sessions, their discomfort subsides upon subsequent visits. Quick-release clasps on the upper-body harness or optional hand grips provide an extra safety feature, allowing you to stop at any point should you feel discomfort. Each treatment session lasts approximately 45 minutes.


    I suffered for five years. The doctor referred me to the orthopedic surgeon with the conclusion tht only surgery would bring relief. Then a friend told me about VAX-D.

I decided to give it a try. After only four or five treatments I began to feel much better. The pain in my legs was gone for the first time in six months! I had a total of 24 treatments and am happy to say that I am totally pain free. VAX-D has definitely worked for me. I highly recommend anyone with similar conditions to at least try VAX-D. I am so grateful to have found a non-surgical remedy for my condition!

                       -  Kathe C. -

Biofeedback for Better Results
While you are being treated, the VAX-D software samples the tension being applied to the spine many times each
second. The computer analyzes this data and continuously adjusts the tension to make a perfect logarithmic curve for each and every patient, creating the biofeedback loop. The treatment process is fully automated and all treatment information is displayed for the technician. The settings are adjusted in accordance with the individual patient’s treatment plan.

A Typical Treatment Session
A typical VAX-D treatment regimen consists of about 20 daily sessions. Some conditions require fewer visits; some require more. Many patients report relief from their pain and other symptoms during the first few treatment sessions, and most experience dramatic pain relief after completion of their prescribed VAX-D Therapy program.

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