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Here are only a few examples of the hundreds of testimonials we have on file. These are people just like you who once suffered from chronic low back and leg and now enjoy a brighter, more pain-free life:

...the results are nothing short of amazing
"For more than two years I suffered terribly from pain and numbness in my legs. Sitting or walking for any length was a challenge. I had to get up from my desk at minimum every hour. It felt like I was going to fall at times. I would lean on my co-workers (literally) to maintain balance. I temporarily gave up my Mustang because it was too difficult to get in and out. I lost my appetite and a significant amount of weight. I heard about the clinic and decided to see what they had to say. After an extensive examination, I started a series of treatments over a nine day period. The results are nothing short of amazing. I now have great range of motion and mobility and a significant reduction in pain. I've also regained both my balance and appetite. I'm simply delighted with my progress. Thanks to the Dr. and his team, I'm back in the driver's seat."
Murray P, Toronto

...I am no longer walking with a cane
"I had suffered with sciatica and a herniated disc for over two years. I was in constant pain 24/7. I tried medication, and was having pain blockers injected into my spine every three months for two years. The relief was only temporary. I could not stand on my own without support, needing a cane to help me walk. After coming across an ad in the Toronto Sun for the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada, I figured at this point there's nothing to lose. I started the VAX-D treatments in mid December and by mid January I was no longer walking with a cane. My colleagues at work have made comments about how much straighter I am walking. I am now able to do the exercises necessary to strengthen my back and stomach muscles"
Anna S, Etobicoke

...I am back to my usually vigorous lifestyle
" "For four months, I had experienced excruciating pain in my left hip. It was virtually unbearable. I could not do anything but sit. I tried medication (for pain) and Tylenol for Arthritis. It did ease the pain temporarily. I heard about the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada and decided give it a try. After 5 treatments, 2 on the "VAX" and 4 with laser, I felt totally revived. I was able to work out, swing a golf club and go back to all my previous activities. I would recommend anyone with back troubles to visit these miracle (maybe too enthusiastic, but deserving) workers."
Norman G, Toronto

...he actually delivered on the promise
"For 8 to 10 months before finding the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada, I suffered terribly from sciatic pain. When rising in the morning, tingling and numbness would start creeping down my leg. Sitting would provoke serious sciatic pain, making it difficult to drive for more than 15 minutes. I couldn’t walk for more than 5 or 10 minutes without having to rest, making it difficult to care for my dogs. I tried several different therapies including chiropractic treatment and painkillers but could not find relief. The Dr. and his staff immediately made me feel at ease being both professional and caring. After only the 2nd week of treatment, I began to notice improvement. By the 3rd week of treatment, I was essentially pain free. My confidence in the clinic is sky high, they actually delivered on the promise."
Alex A, Toronto

...I can now enjoy my usual athletic and recreational activities
"I suffered with severe pain from a herniated disc (L4/L5) for about 5 months. Sitting for more than a few minutes, pain would radiate into my lower back, buttock and calf. I also experienced tingling in my foot. Physiotherapy, chiropractors and acupuncture did not provide much relief. After receiving a flyer with the community newspaper, I decided to visit the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada. The staff were friendly, responsible and eager to help. The doctor recommended I give High Power Laser therapy a try. The laser seemed to offer comfort within 24 to 48 hours. After about 8 treatments things improved tremendously. I can now sit without pain and am enjoying my usual athletic and recreational activities. What is truly amazing is recently I flew overseas and sat for 12 hours pain free."
Marty K, Toronto

...I'm now feeling great, moving without pain and off drugs
"I was injured in a car accident leaving me with serious back and neck injuries. The pain was both constant and debilitating, making it difficult to sit, bend or sleep. Work was definitely out of the question. My restless nights started to affect my wife’s sleep, so I moved downstairs. After 6 months of physiotherapy, the pain actually increased. My doctor told me to learn to live with the pain. My daily medication included, 6-8 Tylenol, Celebrex, muscle relaxants and sleeping pills. Life was ongoing agony. With the strong encouragement of a good friend, I agreed to visit the Spinal Relief Centre of Canada. After a thorough exam, the doctor put a treatment plan together that included spinal decompression, computerized spinal alignment and rehab on the ATM - the results are incredible. I’m now feeling great, moving without pain and off the drugs. The doctor and his team really are my saviors."
Evran P, Etobicoke

...I'm still not used to being pain free and marvel at the freedom of movement
"Previous to my Vax D treatment I had significant lower back pain and sciatica with radiating pain down my left leg. Mornings were especially difficult and I was always quite stiff and achy for at least an hour. A "great day" (pain wise) always started with 2 painkillers just so that I could move comfortably. After just the first few treatments I noticed a remarkable lessening of pain. I awoke and arose from bed easily and needed NO medication (I find that I'm still not used to being pain free and marvel at the freedom of movement that I feel). My husband tells me that I no longer moan aloud in my sleep when moving about at night. I am thrilled with my progress and highly recommend these treatments to anyone suffering from lower back pain. Thanks to the doctor and his staff I now live with no back pain."
Lesley S, Toronto


"I suffered with pain to
my toes……after 2 weeks
of treatment I went to a
movie with my girlfriend,
something we hadn’t done in a year"
Brad P, Montreal

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